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AIM Above: It’s Customer Experience!

Yes! Focusing on “Customer Experience” is paying off for leading companies!  Superior end-to-end customer experiences are critical to success.  It’s a winning scenario for customers and businesses alike, both in better experience for the customers and improved revenue for companies. See the study from IBM.

AIM Above - Speed Reading People  Cues

AIM Above – Speed Reading People Cues

See never before revealed hidden talents to improve the Customer Experience in your company from AIM Above with Lumina Spark Portraits. 

Learn how to:

  1. Speed read others
  2. Build rapport with people who think differently
  3. Understand your hidden gifts

Together, you can co-create results that accelerate success.  AIM Above guides you through this powerful discovery of uncovering of hidden potential.

See your own qualities in personalized Tag Clouds inside Lumina Spark Portraits. Linda Seefeldt, President of AIM Above, says people are using their Tag Cloud of top qualities to see what they bring to the customer experience.

AIM Above is a Certified Lumina Affiliate who accelerates results for people, businesses, and teams who want profitable growth powered by their people.  When you would like to see your Lumina Team Portraits, your Lumina Leader Portraits; your Lumina Spark Portraits, or your Lumina Sales Portraits, visit and contact AIM Above at or 727-258-8844.

Google Seeks People Skills – AIM Above

Google cares about a lot of soft skills — leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn in an age when innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, This will be true no matter where you go to work, as shown in “How to Get a Job at Google” in Tampa Bay Times.

See your own qualities in Tag Clouds inside Lumina Spark Portraits. Linda Seefeldt, President of AIM Above, says people are printing their Tag Cloud of top qualities to show prospective employers.

Many people are asking how they can get their own Tag Cloud, which is inside the AIM Above Lumina Spark Portraits and can be obtained at

AIM Above - Lumina Spark Portraits Tag Cloud - People Focus

AIM Above – Lumina Spark Portraits Tag Cloud – People Focus

See what a Tag Cloud looks like for one person inside Lumina Spark Portraits.

Tag Clouds are graphics that show your qualities in larger print which you are most comfortable using. The colors of the larger words also indicate the energies you use more often.

The smaller words in Tag Clouds also give meaning to qualities that you may choose to use at anytime, but perhaps not as frequently.

You will gain personalized guidance in AIM Above Lumina Spark Portraits:

      1. Your natural strengths
      2. Possible weaknesses
      3. Suggested methods of development

Understanding yourself and others better, building rapport with people who think differently, all lead to co-creating results that accelerate success.  AIM Above guides you through this powerful discovery of uncovering of hidden potential.

Learn communication preferences:

  1. How you prefer to communicate with others
  2. How you like others to communicate with you
  3. What irritates you in other people’s communication
  4. Ways to improve your communication with others

AIM Above is a Certified Lumina Affiliate who accelerates results for businesses, organizations and people who want profitable growth powered by their people.  When you would like to see your Lumina Sales Portrait, your Lumina Team Portrait, your Lumina Leader Portrait or your Lumina Spark Portrait, visit and contact AIM Above at or 727-258-8844.

Facebook’s Hiring Surprise – AIM Above

What Facebook craves these days is people who can sell, more than any other skill. You’ll find an impressive 170+ job openings in sales and business development. It turns out that making deals come together still requires a human touch. Read more of Facebook’s Hiring Surprise in Forbes Magazine.

Sales Portraits illustrate the value of every type of person/personality and diversity within the sales community. Linda Seefeldt, President of AIM Above stated, “Lumina Sales Portraits are the quick way to reveal sales qualities of each person. 

See the results from Lumina Sales Portraits at AIM Above.

AIM Above - Lumina Sales Portrait Qualities

AIM Above – Lumina Sales Portrait Qualities

AIM Above Lumina Sales Portraits 

You will see personalized tips on how to:

  • Improve understanding between you and your clients
  • Methods to build rapport and co-create results with your partners and clients
  • Improve negotiation skills
  • Better quality sales and relationships with clients
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Reducing leakage of the precious sales commodity – time
  • Greater market share

Lumina Sales encourages people to build relationships with their clients to encourage trust and development opportunities through future projects, and shows you how to do so through practical workshops. We know the long term is the only one that counts.

Brands live and die by every point of customer engagement; Lumina Sales teaches you how to build meaningful relationships of shared value.

AIM Above is a Certified Lumina Affiliate who accelerates results for businesses, organizations and people who want profitable growth powered by their people.  When you would like to see your Lumina Sales Portrait, your Lumina Team Portrait, your Lumina Leader Portrait or your Lumina Spark Portrait, visit and contact AIM Above at or 727-258-8844.

Linda Seefeldt Talks to Dr. Ann Weaver

The energetic president of ARCS Foundation – Tampa Bay, Linda Seefeldt, recently shared some of her remarkable social network with me. The generosity of her first introduction led to a second introduction, which led to a third; all of which I much enjoyed.

Dr. Ann Weaver "The Dolphin Lady" in St. Petersburg with Linda Seefeldt

Despite the explosion of internet social networking sites, social networking
isn’t new. It has an ancient heritage and therefore shares some amazing
similarities with the social networks of other societies.

Another unsuspected connection between human and dolphin social
networking sites is their analysis: Dolphin researchers can use the same
software to analyze dolphin social networks as internet marketers use to
analyze Facebook!

ARCS Foundation – Tampa Bay gives scholarships to academically
outstanding U. S. citizens in marine science and cancer research. For more
information, visit

Dr. Weaver studies wild dolphins under federal permit GA1088-1815, National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Send her an e-mail at

Seefeldt Helps Turn Ideas Into Business Reality

By KRISTA KLAUS | News Channel 8    Published: May 4, 2010 in Tampa Tribune   NBC News TV 8

Entrepreneurs looking to transform their dreams into dollars got a chance to work with experts at a recent “boot camp” for small businesses at the University of South Florida.

Hoang Nguyen took part in the USF Connect Innovation Thru Entrepreneurship program to help him launch his interactive website, “Courselogic.” It’s an online meeting place where students can collaborate on homework and classroom discussion.

The website will also send text alerts informing students of upcoming deadlines.

The computer programmer said the idea came from his own experience as a student.

“I kept forgetting about homework and exams that were coming up,” said Nguyen, a former USF student. “I looked for solutions to help and there were (some), but they were horribly done.

“We put it all on an interface where it’s easy to use, like Facebook,” Nguyen said.

The budding entrepreneur plans to test market his website on college campuses later this month. He said the boot camp helped him figure out how to hone his message to administrators who will make purchasing decisions.

Linda Seefeldt, owner of Aim Above Consulting, recently led a boot camp class on marketing. She said an important piece for entrepreneurs is networking, both online and in person.

“You can’t do it all. You think you can, but you really need a group of people,” Seefeldt told the class.

Application developer Orlando McMaster said the boot camp helped him figure out how to take his ideas to the next level, possibly by working with a mentor.

“I need somebody to help me with strategy,” McMaster said.

Seefeldt said she plans to mentor several small business hopefuls like McMaster, adding that it’s exciting to help a new generation of entrepreneurs plant seeds for the future.

“New small businesses are really where the future is,” Seefeldt said. “The IBMs and Hewlett Packards of the world all started as small companies when the economy was down. We’re in that same environment now.”

Facebook Wants to Know More Than Just Who Your Friends Are

Wall Street Journal  – April 22, 2010  By JESSICA E. VASCELLARO

[0421facebook] APFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers a keynote address at Facebook’s f8 conference.

Facebook Inc. announced an ambitious plan to get its tentacles further out into the Internet by better linking people, places and things, as it looks to turn a massive audience into a pool of well-understood consumers.

A centerpiece of the changes involves a simple button, offered to other Web sites, that says “Like.” For free, other Web sites can install a Facebook “Like” button that users can click on to signal their interest in a piece of content, such as a band or an article. The user’s approval then shows up on his or her Facebook page, with a link back to the site.

The idea is that other Web sites will drive traffic back to, and in turn receive traffic from Facebook. Other sites can also offer personalized modules, telling individual users what their Facebook friends have done on the site, such as review a restaurant.

The new “Like” buttons transmit data about user activity back to Facebook. If they like a band, for example, a link to the band could appear in their interests. Since advertisers can already target ads to users’ interests, the new buttons could give advertisers more data to target ads to, but Facebook said it isn’t currently launching any new ad-targeting products in conjunction with the service.

Mr. Zuckerberg said Wednesday that the company has no current plans to sell ads on other sites.

Facebook said more than 70 partners have signed up to embed “Like” buttons or other customization widgets on their sites, including ticketing site and

In a keynote address to more than 1,000 attendees at a developers conference in San Francisco, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg depicted the technology involved as an expansion of Facebook’s vision and a new way to organize the information on the Web.

For years, he said, the Silicon Valley company has focused on tying together people on the Web, mapping out who knows whom. Now, Facebook wants to map out connections between people and their interests, gathering more explicit information about users’ favorites in order to deliver them a more personalized experience on Facebook and on other sites. He called it “the most transformative thing we have ever done for the Web.”

Six-year-old Facebook, based in Palo Alto, Calif., has become a fixture in many Internet users’ lives. Mr. Zuckerberg said Wednesday that the site has 400 million users and is growing at its fastest-ever rate.

At Facebook’s f8 developers conference, WSJ’s Jessica Vascellaro gives Stacey Delo a post-game analysis of the social-networking company’s announcements, including news on its “like” button and what that means for ad targeting.

As of February, it was the fourth most-visited Web site in the U.S., according to Nielsen Co. Each visitor spent an average of six hours and twenty-eight minutes during the month, also according to Nielsen, nearly triple the time spent on the next “stickiest” site, Yahoo Inc.

But Facebook’s advertising business, while growing rapidly, is still in its early stages. While the company is forecasting revenue of more than $1 billion for 2010, according to people familiar with the matter, it is only beginning to attract a meaningful part of advertisers’ budgets.

The announcements Wednesday are the latest sign of how the six-year-old start-up plans to sustain its momentum.

In an interview on the floor of the conference, Mr. Zuckerberg said “Like” is only one of many services Facebook may offer other Web sites in the future. “If we can offer something that we can do easily and a lot of people will use, it is worth it to us,” he said. He noted that other platform businesses, such as’s Web services business, got their start by taking features they used for their own business and making them available to developers once demand was great enough.

digits: Facebook’s Next Act

Stacey Delo is live at Facebook’s f8 developer conference in San Francisco, where the social networking site plans to unveil several new features as well as its game plan for future growth.

Facebook’s site has had “Like” buttons that allow users to endorse content like their friends’ status updates for some time.

Trip Adler, chief executive of publishing site Scribd, excited about the “Like” button, is flooding his company’s site with them, adding them on content pages and profile pages. While the site has long allowed users to share some content back on Facebook through a sharing tool, he said such content often flows through Facebook users’ news feeds before it gets noticed by many of their friends.

But after a user “Likes” content, it becomes a more permanent part of his or her profile, where it can be discovered by friends on a regular basis.

“It should in theory be a more permanent source of traffic,” he said.

Web sites that add the buttons can offer customizations for users, such as showing visitors what articles their friends liked or what restaurants they reviewed.

In a news conference after his keynote address, Mr. Zuckerberg and other executives stressed that the new services would not loosen its privacy policies. They said that Facebook won’t share any individual user data with Web sites that implement the “Like” button, but may share aggregate data like how many people “Liked” an item. Whether Facebook would share that data with a user’s Facebook friends would depend on the user’s privacy settings.

The social networking site said it was also getting stricter about what information in allowed third-party developers to access, moving to address a series of criticism from users and privacy regulators that its policies were too lax.

How many Web sites will rush to the Like and personalization technology remains to be seen. While developers were enthusiastic about the technology, others said they may wait and see how widely it is adopted before trying it.

Facebook said it would allow a group of pre-vetted Web sites, such as Docs—a new online service from Microsoft Corp.—as well as Yelp and Pandora, to see instantly personalized content from their friends, without requiring their users to log in or click connect.

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Businesses using Twitter to build brand, bring in customers

And while reports suggest Twitter’s growth may not be sustainable — up to 60 percent of users quit after one month, Nielsen Online said in April — many local retailers say you have to remember one thing: It works.

And it’s free.

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